Vintage Vinyl HK is super excited to announce its third release - a full-length debut album from Hong Kong's  gnarly glamsters Qi. Titled Solstice, it captures these five musical provocateurs as they explode onto HK's  music scene, providing an antidote to a back-drop of protest and anarchy - from their first live-gig on the Summer solstice of 2019 to laying down these recordings over the Winter solstice they've postured and posed, riffed and seduced their way into the heart of HK's live music scene.

Qi's Zack, Rob, Ant, Manx and Michael recorded "as live" at Hong Kong's Sunset Studio with engineer Paul MacLean; mastering from the ever patient - and masterful -  Phil Daryl Emond. 


Released May, 2020.


Records will initially be available at a tiny gigs details to be announced.


Please contact Nick or the Qi for further details and to secure your copy .


First press strictly limited to 200 hand-numbered copies only.

"The patchwork juxtaposition of image, style and movement – confidence – they are energy incarnate… Qi look like they intend to go global: I hope the world embraces them – Hong Kong could do with a world-beating export right about now .. "
"The Qi phenomenon. Ear worms galore. Qi's choicest charms are stadium fodder" - press : release

"Like 4 frontman competing for attention - interesting and energetic
glam rock fun" - The Underground HK



"Qi are five guys with a killer-glam lead singer – crazy sequins and slick-backed hair" - 852 Mag