press : release is a zine about the various music scenes of Hong Kong. It’s highly personal and biased in favour of its authors’ tastes, and it seeks to share lesser known musical happenings in Hong Kong with you, the reader.
Founded by Nick, Blair and Joshua, a little digging round the fringes of the HK music scene has unearthed a stream of exciting topics for us to write about. Our goal is to publish as often as we can fill an issue with labels, albums, concerts and people we want to share with you, the reader. Despite all you hear or might think you know, the Hong Kong music scene is on the boil; whether your dish is avant-garde jazz, experimental, electronica, a City Hall philharmonic concerto, post-punk, shoegaze or good old rock and roll - Hong Kong can serve it up. press : release speaks of now - we hope you will find it just as informative and precious in another twenty years.
In our first issue we had an interview with Alex Lau of Empty Gallery, a comprehensive guide to the best vinyl digging in Hong Kong, an in-depth look at local label Vintage Vinyl HK’s first LP release “Mothra”, an interview with Hong Kong band NYPD along with a review of their recent gig at the Empty Gallery, ending with short reviews of the complete Empty Editions vinyl catalogue. Subsequently we have covered Hong Kong’s jazz scene and chatted with the the artists putting the wind in the sail of the experimental and noise performances in the SAR.
Enjoy. Pass around. Share. And thank you for supporting.
December 10, 2018. (edited 20.1.20)
Nick, Blair and Joshua


Comments from readers

"the hong kong original!"

"...impressed by the aesthetics of this new zine. The choice of paper quality (qualities), fonts and graphics are just right. It is hard not to conclude that this is a labour of love."

"1st issue of the d.i.y. p:r tells you about things you might not know (about music in Hong Kong) or stuff you know about (because you're cool) but in a way you didn't think about before . . . a collectable (precious on your shelf) or an old school zine (to pass from hand to hand)"




press : release #2's venue focus is on the wonderful gintoneria in Sai Ying Pun, Ping Pong 129. Owner Juan Gregorio discusses his love of electronic music in our feature interview so what better place to bring our second issue to the public? Within the zine’s packed 28 pages you’ll find interviews with jazz musicians, BBE’s Japanese jazz vinyl reissue program, and other fascinating manifestations of the HK underground including an HK vinyl-digging guide alongside original art by Josh Thomson. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating with a G&T.
Limited to just 100 numbered copies.




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