Signs Of Times is a collection of explored sounds and field recordings made by me in the last two years fo my fifteen in Hong Kong. Heavily influenced by the circle of friends I made through the various gatherings of the HK music scene - whether it was secret locations in near derelict and abandoned factory buildings, experimental or improvised jazz in Mong Kok walk-ups or long chats over lemon tea or the what shall we write up in the next press : release! I was captivated by what happened in my home city during 2019 and 2020 and tried to captures some of its essence and to preserve in some way. And I twisted some knobs and bowed some guitars. Anyway I hope you enjoy - you can download from Bandcamp or hit me up for one of the second pressing with a yellow "protest" j-card - I was astonished that the first 20 red ones sold out before I could make a post in here! 


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