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In their own words...

"Mr Koo is an indie rock band, established in New York City and brought back home to Hong Kong in the steamy hot Summer of 2019. The project blends surf-rock with blues and a twist of beachy psychedelia. Since releasing the debut EP “Tropical Weather” including the single “Big Wave Bay” in 2017, the Mr Koo band have been playing in New York and have now made their indelible mark on the Hong Kong scene, where the members were raised.  Always playing their all original compositions to a packed house, Mr Koo is lead by singer and guitarist Ollie Rodgers, followed by rhythm guitarist Thomas Chan, bassist Andy McBain, and drummer Teddy Hookey. Prepare to sway and swoon to some dreamy chords and groove to some funky licks."



Mr Koo perform Big Wave Bay on RTHK's The Works

I fell in love with Big Wave Bay the first time I heard it; it spent days ringing around in my head bringing a smile to my face and a tap to my feet ... I think you'll love it too ... summery beach surf pop at its absolute best! 


This is VVHK005 - a limited edition lathe-cut 7" from the masters at Royal Mint Records. Featuring Hong Kong's own Mr Koo the A-side is their huge hit Big Wave Bay with Cold Air on the B-side. Available in see-through clear or traditional black polycarbonate.

How to buy:-


Release date is scheduled for June, 2020.


Please contact Nick, or Mr Koo on Facebook.


Strictly limited to 80 cuts.